MommyBlog Part 1

April 25

Hey mamas! A lot of you will not be surprised by this but…(drumroll, please)…

I got rejected from another ob/gyn practice! That makes three, so I guess the third time’s not the charm. 🙁  Like I expected, they asked for medical records, or to call my last doctor for records. Of course I can’t give those, duh! Because doctors keep rejecting me. And that’s what I told them.

I want to get the right care for my little one, but I don’t know if I can with regular docs, tbh. Maybe I should try a holistic or herbal one?? All I know is that most of those don’t have ultrasound machines. More than anything else in the whole world, I want to see my sweet baby’s face before she arrives!

By the way, even though I don’t know for sure, I’m going to keep calling my baby “she.” Like, I just have this inner voice—not from my brain, but from my heart!—telling me it’s a girl. Technically I know that’s not possible, blah blah…but this pregnancy is proving that a whole bunch of things that once seemed impossible can and do happen. And so, all you mamas-to-be, keep thinking positive and it WILL be your turn soon!

P.S.: Keep those name suggestions coming. The more I get, the more I like. Too many choices…!